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Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 Kayak Review

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​The Tsunami 125 may offer you just the right combination of speed, stability and comfort that you’ve been searching for. But will it be able to handle a full day of paddling?

We have looked into its features to see if this touring kayak has what it takes to handle your next paddling trip.

  • Length: 12 foot 9 inches
  • ​Width: 26 inches
  • ​Depth: 15 inches
  • ​​Weight: 51 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

​Why Would I Buy A Tsunami Kayak?

The Tsunami kayak is a light touring vessel that could be ideal if you like to paddle on multi-day trips or you like to paddle in a variety of water conditions.

The sit-inside design means it could be beneficial if your paddling season runs all year. And you have the option of adding a spray skirt, letting you paddle in all types of weather; keeping you warm and dry.

This could be a good entry level touring craft because of the shorter length making it a little easier to maneuver. However, it could be equally suited to more experienced paddlers.

If you’re after a vessel with enough gear storage for a couple of nights away, with good speed and maneuverability, this one might be ideal.

​Tsunami 125: Top Features

​The Tsunami 125 is a sit-inside kayak that’s designed for day touring. Promising to be easily maneuverable with plenty of storage options, this yak could be the versatile craft you’ve been after.

​All Day Comfort

There are several features on this yak that are designed to make your day trip more comfortable. One is the Phase 3 AirPro seat. This ergonomically designed seat has an adjustable back and bottom for better paddling position.

The spacious cockpit is aimed at medium to larger paddlers. Inside the cockpit there’s a handy water bottle holder that secures your drink to the underside of the cockpit rim, meaning it should stay put when you get in and out.

​High Capacity Storage

With the 300 pound capacity, you should have no problems loading it up with the gear you’ll need. There are two storage hatches – one in the stern and a smaller one in the bow.

As well as this, there are two removable mesh pockets on the deck, ideal for essentials, including maps or snacks. They’re also great for drinks storage when you’re wearing a spray skirt. 

Video: Tsunami 125 Kayak Quick Overview Video

There is additional storage in the front and rear bulkheads, for storing larger items inside the hull, and bungee rigging at the bow and stern lets you secure extra gear on the deck.

​Speed And Maneuverability

Being a touring vessel, it’s designed to offer speed and comfort. But being just 12 foot 9 inches long, it’s also designed for maneuverability, making it a good choice for both narrow rivers and open water.

The hull features a multi-chine V shaped profile, which can help to boost speed and stability on the water, providing good secondary stability; ideal for ocean waves.

It’s also designed to track well, which can help make it easier to paddle, especially if you’re a beginner.

​Tsunami Alternatives

​Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140Pin

If you like the features of the Tsunami 125 but think a little more space might be better, the Tsunami 140 might be a good alternative. Its 14 foot hull is 25.5 inches wide and it has a slightly larger capacity of 325 pounds, which could give you the extra room you need for additional gear.

​​Riot Brittany 16.5

Riot Brittany 16.5 KayakPin

Built for speed on flatwater, the Brittany is a touring yak with lots of storage, including 3 hatches and deck bungee rigging. It’s 16 foot 6 inches long and 21.75 inches wide, with a built-in rudder and retractable skeg for tracking in wind and currents.

Perception Conduit 13

Perception Conduit 13 KayakPin

The 13 foot Conduit is a versatile touring yak that’s ideal for all water types and built for speed, maneuverability and stability, making it a good choice for beginners. It has good storage options, a 295 pound capacity and a spacious cockpit.



  • ​​Good storage
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to maneuver
  • ​Versatile


  • ​Not as fast as longer touring vessels

This day touring yak is a versatile vessel, built for performance and stability in a wide range of conditions. There’s lots of storage for a night or two away and a seat designed to offer maximum comfort during long paddling sessions.

You may have come to the conclusion that you need this kayak in your life, so you can check it out here. If you want to encourage your fellow paddlers, share this with them. Don’t forget to leave us a comment if you’ve enjoyed our review.

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