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Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon Paddle Review

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​​The Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon paddle is designed to offer power and durability. It has a two-piece construction and can be a good option if you’re a high angle paddler.

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  • ​Length: 210, 220, 230, 240, 250 cm
  • ​Weight: 29.5 ounces
  • ​Pieces: 2

The Manta Ray is available in a variety of models and sizes to suit a wide range of paddlers. There are also four piece paddles available in several options.The paddle is designed to be lightweight, with medium to large blades that can be ideal for paddling long distances or in open water.


  • ​Optimized for high angle paddling​
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Increased power
  • ​Carbon fiber shaft

​Before You Buy A Manta Ray Carbon Paddle

The Manta Ray Carbon is designed to offer increased power for long distance paddling. It is also built to be lightweight and comfortable to hold over extended periods.

This could be a good choice if you’re looking to cover a lot of water in a single trip because of the style of the blades, which are a dihedral shape, which can help to guide the flow of water and give you more power with each stroke.

It can be a great option for river trips and other moving water and can be more suitable if you have a more high angled stroke. Its two piece construction can make it easier to transport and store.

It may be better suited to intermediate and experienced paddlers, rather than beginners.


The Manta Ray Aluminum paddle comes in either two or four pieces, depending on the model, and features an aluminum shaft. It is designed as an entry level recreational paddle that can be ideal for beginners.


The Manta Ray Fiberglass paddle also comes in a choice of two or four piece paddles. It features a fiberglass shaft and is lighter and warmer to touch than the Aluminum version. It can be ideal for recreational paddling, fishing and light touring.


The Manta Ray Hybrid paddle is available in two and four pieces and is designed for high power paddling, such as touring or fitness paddling. It features composite materials for a lightweight feel and can be ideal for bigger kayaks.

​Top Features Of The Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon Paddle

Strength And Durability

The shaft is made from seven layers of carbon fiber to provide added strength while keeping the paddle very lightweight. The carbon fiber shaft is also built for rigidity and durability, so that with each stroke the power is quickly directed to the blades.

The durability and strength continues through to the blades. It has medium to large size blades that are made from nylon that is reinforced with carbon.

The strength and size of the blades can be particularly useful for paddling in moving water or if you’re in a wider or heavier kayak.

​Paddling Power

This paddle is built for touring and fitness paddling, as well as kayak fishing. This means it’s designed to offer increased power with every stroke, minimizing fatigue and potentially allowing you to paddle for longer.

The blades are also designed to improve paddling. The dihedral shape of the blades can mean more efficient paddling, as the water is guided towards the outside edge of the blades, which can minimize flutter.

The Carbon is designed to offer efficient paddling for high angle strokes. If you’re a more experienced paddler you may find this more beneficial than if you’re a beginner and may not yet have mastered high angle techniques.

​Posi-Lock System

A handy feature of this paddle is the low profile Posi-Lock system on the shaft. This ferrule system in the center of the shaft can allow you to easily adjust the angles of the blades, in 15 degree increments.

The Posi-Lock is made from composite materials that are built for corrosion resistance. It is designed to click into place to keep your shaft connected securely without wobbling. This can be useful on two piece paddles as it can provide additional strength to the shaft.

​Paddling Comfort

As well as being lightweight, it also benefits from having an ergonomic ovalized grip shaft, which can make it more comfortable to hold while paddling.

Another useful feature is the ribbed surface of the shaft. This is designed to offer additional grip, even with wet hands.

It’s not just us who are fans of the Manta Ray paddle: even this cat loves them.

​Manta Ray Paddle Alternatives

​Werner Camano Fiberglass

Werner Camano FiberglassPin

​ This Camano paddle features a carbon blend shaft and fiberglass blades. It’s a little higher in price but is a little lighter. It’s designed for low angle strokes and can be ideal for touring if you want a more relaxed paddle.

​Bending Branches Angler Ace

Bending Branches Angler AcePin

This Angler Ace paddle has a similar construction to the Manta Ray and a similar price tag. It has a carbon fiber shaft and dihedral blades for powerful paddling. It also has additional features for fishing including hook retrieval system and a built-in tape measure.

​Carlisle Magic Plus

Carlisle Magic PlusPin

The Magic Plus can be more affordable compared to the Manta Ray but is a little heavier. It has slightly spoon shaped blades for increased efficiency and features a fiberglass shaft and fiberglass reinforced blades.

​In Conclusion

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The Manta Ray Carbon can be a great paddle if you’re a more experienced paddler looking for improved power and efficiency. Whether you’re touring, fishing or exercising, this paddle is lightweight, durable and strong.

If you want to check it out for yourself, click here. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think of it and share this with your fellow paddlers.

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​Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Blades Removable From The Shaft?

No, the blades are not removable, as they are attached to the shaft. But the shaft can be broken down into two pieces for easier storage and transportation.

Should I Get A Longer Or Shorter Paddle Length?

This will usually depend on the width of your kayak and your height. But generally, for more open water you may want a longer paddle and for narrower rivers with tighter bends you may want a shorter one.

Are The Blades Flat?

No, the blades are of a dihedral shape.

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