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Should You Use Bass Attractants?

Mark Armstrong
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The short answer: It depends!

….Now for the long answer:

Bass attractants can be an extra weapon in the armoury that can help you when you’re out hunting for the day. 

But what exactly are they and do they work? What’s this stuff actually made from?

To help you decide if you want to go down the path of using scented products to lure in bass, we’ve cobbled together a 101 guide to attractants.

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What Are Bass Attractants, And Why Use Them?

So What Are They?

Bass attractants are essentially scented products that can be added to bass lures in order to “attract” bass. They can come in a variety of products and offer a variety of sce​​​​nts that are designed to appeal to bass.

Some of these scents can be natural, for example, the scent of the prey they would normally eat and some can be completely different, such as garlic. 

They are designed to offer both scent and flavor to encourage bass to bite the bait and not spit it out.

Why Do I Need Them?

Some fish have an incredible sense of smell, which can make scented lures attractive. However, bass may not have quite as distinct sense of smell as some other fish, with smell often being used last after their eyes, lateral line and ears.

However, some attractants can be used in order to mask other smells or tastes. Sometimes lures can give off unnatural scents or scents that can repel bass. When you touch the lure, for example, your own scent (and whatever lotions or potions you’ve used) is likely to be transferred onto the lure.

This means you can use the attractant to cover up any scents or flavors on the lure that the bass might not like. This can mean you get more bites and there may be a higher chance of the bass keeping hold of the bait while you set the hook.

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How Do You Use Them?


Bass scents that come in gel forms can usually be squeezed directly onto the lure and then gently rubbed in to spread the gel over the lure.

Some gels will tend to release some of the scent as the lure hits the water, creating a scent trail for the bass to follow.

Video: How To Apply Pro-Cure Super Gel To Artificial Baits


Sprays can be easy to use and possibly less messy, as you simply spray them onto the lure.

However, this can sometimes result in the spray going into the air, especially if it’s windy.


Oils can come in a range of packaging types and can often be applied using the same method as a gel.

Apply the product over the lure to make sure it’s fully coated. Oil based scents, especially fish oil based ones, may tend to stick to the lure for longer compared to water based scents.

Scented Lures

There are also lures you can buy that already have a bass attractant built into them.

These lures can be easier to work with since they eliminate the mess that often comes with applying oils and gels. These lures can simply be attached to your hook and line just as you would attach a regular lure.

3 Best Attractants For Bass

1: Berkley Powerbait Attractant

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This Berkley Powerbait Attractant is designed for bass fishing.

It features a liquid formula and comes in a handy bottle, which can make it easy to apply to your lures and can be suitable to transport in your tackle box.

2: Liquid Mayhem Bass Attractant

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The Liquid Mayhem Bass Attractant comes in a sticky gel formula that is designed to stay on the bait while underwater.

The formula is made with real crawfish, so this could help bass hold on to the lure for longer.

3: Bass Assassin Bang Fish Attractant

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This Bass Assassin spray can be a good choice if you’re looking for a bass attractant that’s easy to apply, as it comes in a convenient spray bottle.

The liquid formula is made from real baitfish and features natural fish oils, which can make it more effective at staying on the lure once it’s been cast.

In Conclusion

Bass attractants can be a useful addition to your tackle box, especially when you’re using artificial lures. There are many different types and it’s probably down to personal preference which type works best for you.

Have you had any success using bass attractants? Tell us about it in the comments… right below. And remember to share this with your bass fishing buddies to see how they fare.

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