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Best Kayak Paddle Leash

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If you’ve ever lost your paddle overboard you’ll probably have wished you had a kayak paddle leash. This can be a pretty useful piece of equipment when it comes to preventing your paddle from floating away.

We’ve put together some information to help you discover a little more about them and some thoughts on why you might want to use one on your next paddling trip.

Sneak Peek: Top Picks

5 Best Paddle Leashes

1: Proyaker Ocean Tough Kayak Paddle Leash (best overall)

Proyaker Ocean Tough Kayak Paddle LeashPin
  • Length: 2 to 6 foot

This Proyaker Ocean Tough kayak paddle leash is designed to be used with either paddles or fishing rods. It comes in a pack of two and each one features a coiled spring with a stainless steel core that can extend up to 6 feet. This could let you reposition and move around more freely.

The leash features a double-sided velcro strap that attaches to the coil with a quick-release buckle. At the opposite end of the leash there’s a clip and loop so that you can secure the leash to your kayak.

This useful design means you can release the leash quickly from either end, whether you need to release your paddle from the leash or the leash from your boat.


  • Extending coil
  • Durable
  • Set of two leashes

2: Best Marine Kayak Paddle Leash (most versatile)

Best Marine Kayak Paddle LeashPin
  • Length: 5 to 7 foot

The Best Marine kayak paddle leash can be a great choice for both paddles and fishing rods, because of the adjustable velcro fastener at the end that is designed to fit a range of sizes of paddles.

The leash is made out of nylon bungee cord and measures 5 foot in length but it can stretch up to 7 foot. This can give you plenty of room to maneuver your paddle or fish from either side of your boat. It can also be useful if you’d prefer the extra length without the lesh coiling up.

The leash also features a loop at the other end to let you attach it to a loop point on your vessel.


  • Bungee cord
  • Long length
  • Fits a range of paddles and rods

3: Neolife Stretchable Kayak Paddle Leash

Neolife Stretchable Kayak Paddle LeashPin
  • Length: 49 to 79 inches

This Neolife Stretchable kayak paddle leash is made from elasticated rubber with a durable nylon cover. It measures 49 inches long and can stretch up to 79 inches, so you can paddle easily and move positions on your boat.

It has a velcro fastener at one end and a bungee cord loop at the other. This can be an ideal leash to use for a range of paddles, including SUP paddles. It can also be used for fishing rods.

Another useful benefit of this leash is that it is bright green in color, making it more visible in the water for safety purposes. It also comes in a pack of two.


  • Highly visible
  • Elasticated rubber
  • Durable nylon shell

4: Seattle Sports Multi Leash

Seattle Sports Multi LeashPin
  • Length: 32 inches to 48 inches

The Seattle Sports Multi Leash can be ideal for a range of paddle sports where you want to be able to secure your paddle or other gear to your vessel.

This leash is made out of heavy duty webbing with an internal bungee cord to offer stretch and durability. The leash is bright green for improved visibility and it has the ability to stretch up to 48 inches from its 32 inch retracted state.

It has a velcro closure that can wrap around a wide range of paddles or rods. At the other end there is a snap hook clip so you can attach it to various points on your kayak.


  • Bright color
  • Bungee cord
  • Clip closure

5: Firiner Paddle Leash Set (best budget choice)

Firiner Paddle Leash SetPin
  • Length: 44.8 to 59 inches

This Firiner Paddle Leash Set features two paddle leashes. Each one can stretch up to 59 inches, giving you freedom of movement while paddling or fishing.

The leash is made from elasticated rubber which has a waterproof nylon fabric covering to help protect it against damage. It has a loop at either end of the leash, so you can loop it around your paddle as you would loop it around a pad-eye on your boat.

It also comes with two stainless steel carabiners that can be used to attach one of the ends to your vessel, giving you more choice on how you secure it. As well as this, it comes with two velcro straps that you can attach to one of the loops to attach it to the shaft of your paddle.


  • Set of two
  • Comes with carabiners
  • Separate velcro straps included

Why Use A Paddle Leash?

A paddle leash can be an important kayaking accessory. Mostly it is designed to help keep your paddle from floating away if you happen to lose it overboard.

The leash can wrap around the shaft of your paddle, often with a velcro-type fastening and attach to your kayak at the other end of the leash, usually with a clip or loop that can attach to a suitable point on your boat.

Video: How To Attach The ACK Bungee Paddle Leash

Having a paddle leash attached to your paddle and kayak can give you more freedom while you’re on the water. For example, you can safely let go of your paddle for fishing, taking photos, or swimming, as it can be securely attached to your boat.

Some paddle leashes can also be used to attach other items to your kayak, such as fishing rods or dry bags.

Kayak Fishing

A paddle leash can be a useful accessory for kayak fishing because it can let you concentrate more on catching fish rather than worry about losing your paddle.

Lakes, ponds, bays and slow moving rivers can be ideal bodies of water for using a paddle leash. These types of waters will tend to offer calmer conditions that can be safer and more suitable for having a paddle leash attached.

When Should You Not Use A Paddle Leash

It’s not recommended to use a paddle leash during extreme conditions, such as whitewater, surf or very strong current. This is because the leashes can get caught and tangled in objects which could cause your boat to tip, or even worse, you could be pulled under water and risk drowning.

It is also not recommended that you attach the paddle leash to your life vest or anywhere else on your person, as this can be hazardous for similar reasons.

Finishing Up

The best kayak paddle leash will usually be the one that meets your specific needs. But we think the Proyaker Ocean Tough kayak paddle leash is a top choice because it can coil up short enough so that it shouldn’t interfere with your paddling or fishing but still has the length if you need it.

Another great choice is the Best Marine kayak paddle leash because of its durability and length.

Remember, a paddle leash can be a beneficial accessory to help you keep your paddle safe and secure while you’re not holding onto it. But it can also cause issues and can potentially be dangerous if you use one in the wrong conditions, such as whitewater.

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