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Best Time To Fish For Bass

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So you want to have a day of fishing (that delivers the goods) but you’re not sure when the best time is.

Weather and water temperature can often play a part in determining the best times to fish for bass, which can make it a little difficult to narrow down.

But if you know bass patterns you can get a general idea of where you might find them and when. So to help you learn more about when can be a good time to fish for bass, we’ve put together this quick guide.

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Best Time Of The Day To Fish For Bass


Mornings can be a great time for bass fishing, as the lower light conditions can cause the bass to move into the shallows to feed. This can be a particularly good time to fish during the warmer summer months, and can continue throughout the day when it’s cloudy.

Early mornings have lower light, which means bass may be able to see a little better than their prey, giving them an advantage. So they may use this time to look for food, which can make them more likely to strike a lure.

Another reason to fish in the mornings is that during the summer months, shad will often move into the shallows to spawn in the early morning, which can make bass follow.

Bass will often hide close to these areas, often around vegetation and cover, where they can strike a passing shad. So these areas can be good spots to target early in the morning.

Late Afternoon/Evenings

When temperatures start to cool off during the late afternoon and evening, this can be a good time to fish, as bass will often return to the shallow areas to feed at this time because the temperatures were too warm during the middle of the day, particularly in the summer.

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However, if it’s winter and the water temperatures are pretty cold, you may find it’s better to fish during the warmest part of the day, such as mid-afternoon.

This can be when the water temperatures have had a chance to warm up a bit.

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Fishing for bass at night can be lucrative if you have the right lures, as bass can’t see as well at night as they can during the day so you may have to opt for noisier baits, such as spinnerbaits and poppers to attract attention.

During the summer, bass may feed during the night because the temperatures are often cooler. You may also find bass closer to the shallows at night in winter too, as this can be when they hunt for crawfish and other baitfish.

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Different Times Of The Year For Bass Fishing


In many parts of the United States, spring can be a great time to fish for bass, as this is often the time when the bass begin their pre-spawn.

However, as the spawn is usually determined by the temperature of the water, the time of year of the pre-spawn is often not set in stone, and could begin in late winter, particularly in southern regions.

During the spring, you may find bass feeding more actively in the shallows as they prepare for the spawn but they could also be found at various depths, depending on the water temperature and weather.

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Again, the location of bass during the summer will often depend on the weather and the water temperature but during hot weather, you may find that bass will be in the cooler, deeper water.

However, bass will often still feed in the shallows, as this is where baitfish will tend to be found during their summer spawning season.

This is where topwater lures, such as frogs and poppers can be useful, particularly around vegetation, as this can be where bass are sheltering from the hot sun and waiting for bait to pass by.

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Fall can be a good time for bass fishing as, like spring, bass will tend to be actively feeding at this time of the year. The fall is usually when bass feed up in preparation for winter.

This means they can be found in migratory routes, shallow flats and around structure where they can move up and down in the water column and feed on baitfish. Topwater lures can continue to be effective during the fall, as can crankbaits and jerkbaits.


Winter may not be the best time for actively feeding bass, as this is usually a time when their metabolism slows down to allow them to feed less while conserving energy.

But you can still catch bass during the winter if you slow down your presentation. You may find that small increases in temperature can cause bass to move into the shallows and start feeding.

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But for the most part, you’ll probably find that bass are holed up in the deeper areas of water, but close to shallows or structure where they can easily move up the water column to feed.

However, depending on how far south you are, geographically, you may find that some bass will start their pre-spawn in winter, which can make them move into their migratory areas and into the shallows to feed up before the spawn.

Table: Bass Catching (Best Season)
#1 SpringThe Best!
#2 FallGreat!
#3 SummerOK
#4 WinterNot So Good

Wrapping Up

The best time to fish for bass will often depend on your geographic location, as well as the time of year and time of day.

It can be worth keeping an eye on the weather and water temperature to give you a better idea of where to cast your line, which can also help you choose the type of lure that might work.

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Have you had more success at a specific time of day or time or year? Let us know. And remember to share this to let others know the best times for bass fishing.

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