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DIY Kayak Cart – How To Build Your Own Kayak Trolley

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​A DIY kayak cart can make it easier to haul your boat to and from the water’s edge. There are plenty of ready-made options available out there but sometimes it can be cheaper to make your own kayak trolley.

We’ve put together a quick guide to show you how.

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​What You’re Going To Need

  • Pool Noodle such as this
  • Hacksaw like this one
  • PVC pipes (¾ inch) (1 x 10 foot and 1 x 2 foot)
  • 4 x 90 Degree PVC Joints (¾ inch) like these
  • 4 x T Joints like these
  • 4 x Cross Joints such as these
  • 8 x 45 Degree PVC Joints like these ones
  • 2 x 6 inch Wheels such as these
  • 2 x ⅝ cut washers like these ones
  • 2 x ⅝ locking split washers similar to these
  • 4 x ⅝ hex nuts like these ones
  • 2 x ¾ – ½ inch PVC bushings such as these
  • PVC cement/glue similar to this
  • 2 x tie down straps such as these ones
  • 36 inch ⅝ threaded rod like this
  • 6 x zip ties such as these ones

​How To Build Your Own Kayak Trolley

​Step 1: Measure And Cut Your Pipes

​​​​Grab your PVC pipes and measure them before cutting them. Cut them so that you have: two 23 inch pieces, three 14 inch pieces, eight 5 inch pieces and four 2 inch pieces.

Cut your pool noodle in half too. Depending on the length of your pool noodle, you may have to cut off a little extra so that it’s roughly the same length as your longest piece of pipe (23 inches).

​Step 2: Set Out All Your Materials

​​​Now that you’ve cut all your pieces of pipes, lay them all out on the floor along with the joints and wheels so that you can see that you have equal pieces for each side of your cart.

Set them out so that each side forms a sort of D shape on the floor, but don’t join them together yet. In between your two “D”s you should lay out your 36 inch rod, your washers, nuts and the three 14 inch pieces of pipe.

This should make it a little easier when it comes to gluing each joint.

​Step 3: Secure Your Joints

​​​Now that all your materials are laid out, start with one piece of PVC pipe and glue the outside end using your PVC cement. Quickly but carefully attach the glued pipe into the relevant PVC joint.

Make sure your pipe and joint are both straight and that they’re connected correctly for your angles.

Repeat this with all of your pipes and joints and then repeat the process with the pieces that make up the other side of your cart.

​Step 4: Connect The Two Sides

​​​With your two sides lined up it’s time to join them together using the three 14 inch pieces of pipe. Start with one piece at a time and add your glue to the end and connect it to one of your available PVC joints, either one of the T joints or the cross joint that will form the lower center bar on your cart.

​Video: How ​To Build ​A PVC Kayak Cart

​Repeat until you have your three pipes connected to the corresponding joints. Once these are in place you can glue the other ends of these pipes and connect them to the opposite joints on the other side.

Both sides of your cart should now be connected with the two longest sections of pipe at the top.

​Step 5: Adjust Your Threaded Rod

​​​Start by putting your wheel on one side of the threaded rod. Put on your cut washer, followed by a nut and then your wheel. Then add your lock washer and another nut to secure.

The threaded rod will be your axle so put this through the cross joint so that it goes through the pipe and out the other cross joint on the opposite side.

Slide on your washers, nuts and wheel in the same order as you just did. The rod will likely stick out. Mark this point as this is where you need to cut.

Take all the hardware off and slide the rod back out before you make the cut.

​Step 6: Attach Your Wheels

​​​With your rod now the correct size, you can put your wheels on and secure them. Add your cut washer then the nut, followed by the wheel, then the lock washer and a nut, just like you did before when you were marking the point on the rod.

​Step 7: Attach Your Noodles

​​​​Start by cutting open your two pieces of pool noodles so that they can slot over the pipes. Slot them over the two pipes that form the top of your cart.

Once they’re in place secure them using the zip ties. This should hold the noodles in place so that your kayak has sufficient padding.

​Step 8: Secure Your Kayak

​​​​With your DIY kayak cart ready to go, load on your kayak. Use your tie down straps to secure it to the cart so that it doesn’t slide off.

​Finishing Off

​​​​Kayak carts can be expensive but if you make your own you could save yourself some money, especially if you already have some of the materials at home. A DIY kayak cart can be just as useful as a store-bought one so it can be a good idea to make your own.

Have you made one already or have you tried making this one? Leave us a comment to tell us about it. And if you think this tutorial could help anyone else, share it.

And if you just want to buy one, read our guide.

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