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Guide To Fishing At Chocolate Bayou, Alvin, Texas

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Located south of Houston and west of Galveston, Chocolate Bayou eventually hits the coast and runs into the Gulf of Mexico, which can make it an excellent place to fish and kayak.

Because of the warm climate and the variety of fish available, we decided to put together this short guide to help you discover this great spot for yourself.

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Why Go Fishing At Chocolate Bayou, Texas

What Types Of Fish Can You Expect To Find?

There are several types of fish that can be found in Chocolate Bayou. Because it opens up into the Gulf, you can find a variety of saltwater species, including speckled trout, flounder, red drum and black drum.

Chocolate Bayou can be a particularly good spot for catching flounder. It can also be possible to catch catfish and crappie if you fish deeper into the bayou on the freshwater side of the 2004.

Do You Need A Fishing License?

In order to fish at Chocolate Bayou and anywhere along the Texas coast, you’ll need a saltwater fishing license. If you plan to fish in freshwater as well, you can opt for the all-water package.

To fish at Chocolate Bayou it’s recommended that you get an all-water fishing license, as the bayou is considered freshwater north of FM Road 2004 and saltwater south of the 2004 bridge.

Chocolate Bayou Fishing Tips To Help Reel In A Catch


Lutes’ Marine, further up the bayou, north of the 2004 bridge, stocks bait – mostly shrimp – and could be a good spot to check in and get advice on what’s biting in the area. Both live and artificial bait can be used but you may decide artificial bait is more convenient in this area because of the lack of live bait shops.

You may find that the fish will bite on different lures depending on the time of day or year, so it can be a good idea to have a selection of different lures with you.

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Best Times

Usually the best times to fish are during the early mornings or late afternoons. Spring can be a good time to catch freshwater fish but can tend to be pretty windy for saltwater fishing.

For saltwater fishing, early and late summer can be ideal for southeasterly winds but winter can also be a good time to fish in Chocolate Bayou.


A kayak or canoe can be a useful tool to help you get closer to the fish, especially in some of the shallower spots where larger boats may not be able to access.

There is a launch ramp under the bridge of the FM Road 2004. 


Hot Sun Temparature - Kayaking & FishingPin

The weather in this part of the country can get pretty hot, so it can be a good idea to wear a hat and sunglasses and load up on sunscreen, as there is very little shade at Chocolate Bayou.

It can also get pretty windy out in the bay, but it can sometimes be a little more sheltered further into the bayou.

Video: Kayak Fishing Chocolate Bayou TX

Wind direction can be a factor in determining how successful your fishing trip is. Southwest winds can mean a bad day for fishing but southeast winds (known as the fisherman’s breeze) can help to push water from the Gulf into the bays, which can mean better fishing conditions.

Where To Get A Detailed Report

There are a number of sites where you can get detailed fishing reports and information on tides and lunar cycles. The National Weather Service can be a good place to check for weather warnings and forecasts.

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Other sites can give you information on water temperature and tides for a more thorough fishing forecast.

We also have a map which has the best fishing spots in your area.


Fishing at Chocolate Bayou can be a great day out at any time of the year. But just be sure the winds are in your favor and that you have a good selection of lures.

If you have any tips for fishing at Chocolate Bay, let us know! And remember to share this with your fellow anglers to help them find new spots. 

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