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Where Are The Best Fishing Spots Near Me?

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When looking for the best places to fish near me, it would be handy to have a map that would show me exactly where they are. Well it just so happens, there is such a thing; a map that can locate all the nearby fishing and boating spots around the United States!!!

The Best Fishing Spots Near Me

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Well it just so happens, there is such a thing; a map that can locate all the nearby fishing and boating spots around the United States!!!

Yes, we’re talking about that huge map directly above this text…..in case you were wondering.

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How To Use This Map

Video: Using The Take Me Fishing Map

You can simply choose your location and zoom in on the map. Or you can search for your location using the search bar.

With the map covering the entire US, including Alaska and Hawaii, it can be a useful tool even if you plan to travel out of your state, as it can give you great locations to fish no matter where you are. And when you’re not familiar with the area it can point you in the right direction for finding gear shops and license vendors. 

You can also choose to filter the locations by species. This can be particularly helpful if you know what you want to catch, as it can show you the best spots for a specific species and the types of bait that people have used to catch them.

What Info Can I Get?

As well as fishing locations, you can also find out what species are being caught in real time at a particular location. This feature can also let you know what other anglers are using to catch fish. 

Additionally, the map can tell you fishing forecasts in your area and particular bodies of water. These forecasts can give you an idea of the best times to catch certain species of fish in that location, so you can know the ideal time to head out.

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What Makes A Good Place To Catch Fish?


Lakes that have rivers feeding into them can often be good places to fish, as fish tend to prefer these cooler areas where there is moving water. Lakes with plenty of weeds or other objects can provide cover, allowing fish to hide, which can also be a good place to catch them.

Drop-off points or areas of flooded trees or timber can be good areas to catch fish in a lake or pond. However, the weather can also affect fishing and whether the fish will be in shallower areas in cooler temperatures or in deeper waters in hot weather.

Fish that are often found in freshwater lakes can include bass, trout, walleye, crappie and pike. 


Rivers with deep river bends and streams feeding into them can be ideal for catching fish. Fish in rivers can often be found in pools or eddies, and at areas where there’s a change in current, which can allow them to catch prey being swept along.

Species that can be found in rivers can often be similar to those found in lakes and can include catfish, bass, trout and carp. 

Video: Where To Fish In Rivers & Streams

Coastal Waters

The best coastal waters to fish are usually determined by the tides. Because coastal waters tend to be tidal, it can be a good idea to check the times for high tide, as this can be when the fish will be closer to the shoreline. 

The weather can also play a role in where in the ocean the fish can be found, for example if there are strong winds blowing onshore, this can force fish towards the shoreline.

Saltwater fish will tend to be larger than freshwater fish and may require different gear to catch them, such as heavier duty rods, reels and lines. You should also make sure that your gear is corrosion resistant. 

Some species that can be found are mackerel, snapper, whiting, marlin, tuna and flounder, among others. 

Are There Any Laws I Need To Worry About For My Area?

Before you head out you should make sure you have a valid fishing license for the area where you plan to fish and whether it’s for saltwater, freshwater or both. 

You can find license vendor locations near you on the map or you can often visit your state’s fish and wildlife department website to purchase one online. 

You will also need to stick to the catch limits and species restrictions in your state or the particular body of water. Each state will have different limitations but these should be listed on your state’s wildlife department website or issued when you purchase your fishing license.

If you’re taking a boat out, you may also need to make sure it’s registered if necessary, which can often include kayaks or canoes with trolling motors.

Finishing Up

Now that you know how to find the best places to fish nearby you can hopefully spend more time fishing and less time traveling.

Just remember to check with your local state regulations before you head out to your desired fishing spot and make sure you have the appropriate license to fish.

Let us know if you managed to find your new favorite fishing hole and tell us what you caught. And keep your buddies in the loop by sharing this with them.

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