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Where Are The Best Fishing Near Me Places? (Free Interactive Map)

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was an interactive fishing map that could show you where all the best fishing spots are? 

Well, you can stop searching for fishing near me because this map exists! 

The Best Fishing Near Me Spots

(search your location in the bar below)

And it can show you the best nearby lakes and ponds no matter what fish you want to catch.

Want to know how it works? We’ve put this quick guide together to show you how.

How To Use This Free Fishing Near Me Interactive Map

To find fishing near me, you can simply choose your location and zoom in on the fishing map. Or you can search for your city or state using the search box.

With the interactive map covering the entire US, it can be a useful tool even if you plan to travel out of state. And when you’re not familiar with the area it can point you in the right direction for finding gear shops and fishing license vendors, as well as the best fishing spots. 

Make sure you check out our main Fishing Guide. It has resources for beginners and experienced anglers.

You can also choose to filter the locations by species. This can be particularly helpful if you know what you want to catch, as it can show you the best spots for a specific species and the types of bait that people have used to catch them.

Another great feature of this fishing interactive map is that you can move across the map using your mouse, touchpad, or two fingers on your phone or tablet. You can zoom in and out (using the + or – buttons if you’re not using a phone or tablet) to get a better view of your location and the surrounding area. 

The blue and orange markers let you know what is at that location. The blue dots show you a body of water for fishing near me. The orange dots show you other points of interest, including boat ramps, bait shops, hatcheries, equipment stores, marinas, fishing charters, and other useful spots. 

The circular icon at the top left corner of the fishing map (next to the search box) lets you access other map settings, such as the guide to the markers. You can also check the boxes to filter the locations by species or facilities. 

For example, you can filter your search to include only the fishing locations that have a boat ramp.

Video: Using The Take Me Fishing Map

Why Use An Interactive Map For Fishing Over Other Methods?

An interactive fishing map can be better than using traditional methods, as it can be more up-to-date than other methods. Rather than endlessly googling the best fishing near me, a fishing interactive map can save you a lot of time, as it knows where you are and can pinpoint local fishing spots.

One benefit of using this interactive map is that when you click on your desired location, you can see the type and size of fish that have been caught in that particular body of water in recent days. 

This gives you a better idea of what fish to target and the type of bait or lures to use. It also lets you see the bite times from other anglers’ logged catches. 

Just click on the “logged catches” button at the bottom left corner of the interactive fishing map, and you will see photos included of anglers with the fish they have caught. This lets you see the size of the bass or trout or any other fish that has been caught in that specific area.

Another useful benefit is that you can get fishing forecasts for that particular body of water. And you can get directions from your home to a specific body of water, which is linked to Google maps and can be linked straight to your phone or car. 

To see the fishing forecasts, simply click on the “fishing forecasts” button at the bottom left of the map. You’ll also see a button for “fish species” here, next to “logged catches”. The “fish species” button lets you see what species of fish can be found in that specific area.

The interactive map doesn’t just point you in the direction of the best fishing spots near you, it also lets you see where the nearest bait and tackle shops are so you can hook yourself up with extra fishing gear before you hit the water. 

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How Do I Find The Best Fishing Spots Near Me (By Type)?

Nearby Fishing Lakes And Ponds

Are there any fishing lakes near me? This interactive fishing map can show you exactly where your nearest fishing lakes are. 

Freshwater lakes and ponds can be popular fishing spots as they are often home to favored catch species, such as bass and walleye. 

A kayak can be a useful vessel for lake fishing and pond fishing, as you can usually get close to the weeded areas and into creeks and inlets where some fish like to hide. 

Nearby Public Fishing

What about free fishing near me? The interactive fishing map can help you find the best public fishing spots. 

State parks will often have public fishing waters, which can include lakes and rivers. You can search for state parks using the interactive map.

Nearby Creek Fishing

You can find nearby creek fishing by using the interactive fishing map to move across your location.Not all creeks are highlighted on the interactive map. 

It might be easier to narrow down your search to your target species, such as catfish, when you are looking for fishing spots in nearby creeks.

Nearby Saltwater Shore Fishing

If you’re looking for saltwater shore fishing nearby, you can use the interactive fishing map to narrow your search for a particular fish species. This way, the interactive map can locate the coastal waters where you might find that species of fish. 

You can also move across the map to find nearby coastal waters that have a boat ramp, beach access, or marina. 

Remember to keep an eye on the tide times if you’re heading out on coastal waters. The tides will likely affect your fishing whether you’re fishing from the shore or a boat.

Nearby Rivers To Fish

River fishing can be a little tricky to pinpoint using the interactive fishing map. However, you can use the map to find the best fishing spots with your target catch by inputting the species in the search box. 

River fishing can be great for catching trout, depending on your location.

Nearby Bank Fishing

You can find nearby bank fishing by searching for local lakes and rivers on the interactive fishing map. You can use the species finder tool to help you find bodies of water with logged catches of your target fish.

You can also search for parks that may offer bank fishing near you. 

Is A Fishing Map All You Need?

Fish Finder

A fish finder can be an extremely useful tool on any fishing adventure. Unlike the interactive fishing map that helps you locate the local fishing spots, a fish finder can help you locate the fish under the water, which means you could catch more fish

Some of the best fish finders will have built-in CHIRP sonar and HD color screens so that you can easily analyze the data. Fish finders use sonar technology to transmit data from a transducer in the water to a screen on the device. 

This means you can get a real-life view of the underwater landscape, such as submerged logs, ledges, weeds. Plus, you can pinpoint exactly where the fish are hiding. 

If you are in a kayak or boat, you can see the landscape and fish around the boat as you move. And you can also mark your waypoints and successful honey holes so you can find them again later.


A GPS (Global Positioning System) device can be handy when you’re heading out in remote waters. This can help you find your way back to the dock or back to that lucrative fishing spot you found on your last trip.

While most phones have GPS built into them now, most of the time the GPS function will only work when you are within range of cell towers. This means that if you have no signal on your phone, your GPS is unlikely to work.

A dedicated GPS device uses satellites to transmit data, so you can be completely off the grid and you can still find your way using the maps on a GPS device. 

More in our kayak navigation section. 

Tide Timetable

If you plan to do some saltwater fishing on coastal waters, it can be important to know the tide times. In some locations, the movement of the tides can be extreme and can result in boats getting beached if you don’t pay close attention to the timings of low tide.

You can use this tide timetable for coastal waters all over the world.

Fishing Kayak Or Small Boat

Sometimes the best fishing spots can only be accessed by fishing kayak, especially in shallow or narrow creeks. A fishing kayak, canoe, or small bass boat can let you access some of the best fishing spots no matter what type of water you fish. 

The interactive fishing map can point you in the direction of local boat ramps and marinas for either launching your own fishing boat or renting one. 

Alternatively, if you think a bigger boat would suit your fishing style best, for example, if you plan to do some ocean fishing for big saltwater species, then you could charter a fishing boat. 

Some fishing charters can offer additional advice and take you to the best fishing spots to target a particular species of fish, such as walleye or catfish, or saltwater fish species.

Do You Need A License For Fishing?

For most fishing spots, you will need a valid fishing license before you cast your line. 

Simply visit your state’s fish and wildlife department’s website to purchase your fishing license online. The money from the license usually helps to protect local aquatic natural resources.

Alternatively, you can use the interactive map to show you the physical locations where you can buy a local fishing license close to your fishing hole.

There are some places where you may not always need fishing licenses to fish, such as some public fishing piers and some state parks. 

Some locations may offer free fishing days. These free days are aimed at new anglers, so you can try out fishing for free. And if you decide you want to take up the hobby, you can go ahead and purchase a fishing license online for your next fishing trip. 

You may also need to think about other fishing laws before you cast your line. In many places, you’ll usually find there are catch limits. This often applies to certain species of fish but it can vary depending on your location and the time of year. 

When you purchase your fishing license, you can obtain information on the local catch limits for specific species in various fishing spots. Catch limits generally only apply to catch and keep, not catch and release. 

What Else Do I Need To Think About Before Going To My Local Fishing Spot?

Boat Registration

If you plan to fish from a boat, in any type of water, you will need to make sure you have the correct documents to do so. Usually all motorized vessels will need to be registered before they can hit the water.

In some states, kayaks, canoes, and even paddle boards may need to be registered

You can check state boating laws to see what is required in your state.  

Fishing Gear

The interactive map makes it easier to plan your fishing trip. With the photos included on the map’s logged catches, you can see the sizes of other anglers’ fish, helping you choose the right size of bait.

Remember to choose the right type of rod and reel for the fish you plan to catch. Check out some more kayak fishing gear

Wear A PFD

If you’re heading out on a kayak or any other type of fishing vessel, it’s important that you stay safe. A life vest can be an essential piece of safety equipment when it’s worn. 

Follow The Rules 

Always check the rules and regulations for the specific body of water where you plan to fish. If you need a fishing license, make sure you have one. Walmart offeres fishing licenses.

Conclusion: Now You Are Ready For A Reel-y Good Time!

Now you know how to use the fishing map to find the best fishing spots nearby, you can spend more time fishing and less time getting there. 

And with the additional information it provides, it’ll be like having your own fishing guide with you on your next fishing trip.

Have you found new fishing spots with this map? Let us know. And remember to share this to help other anglers find the best fishing spots near them.

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