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Guide To Bass Fishing Around Houston TX

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Texas is home to some fantastic fishing opportunities, with access to lakes and rivers, as well as prime saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

When it comes to freshwater fishing there are lots of great spots, and many of them are within easy reach of large metro areas, like Houston.

When you want to go bass fishing in Houston these are just a few places that you might want to check out.

Here’s our interactive fishing spots near me map for more detailed info.

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Places To Catch Bass In And Around Houston

1: Double Lake

Double Lake, HoustonPin
Courtesy: Kelly Reed on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

About an hour north of downtown Houston, Double Lake is located within the Sam Houston National Forest and can offer great bass fishing in peaceful surroundings. The Double Lake Recreation Area has a campground that’s open all year, as well as fishing piers and a boat launch.

Only small electric motors are allowed on the lake, so it can be a good place if you’re looking to take a fishing kayak or canoe. The lake is regularly stocked with bass, as well as catfish.

2: Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston HoustonPin
Courtesy: Poor Ole Rich on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Lake Livingston is a 90,000 acre lake around 50 miles north of Houston. It is known for its excellent white bass fishing, which can be best early in the spring when they tend to be found in and around the creeks.

It can also be a good place to catch largemouth bass, particularly during the spring and fall. Good spots to target largemouths can be the area around Kickapoo Creek. There are several access points and boat ramps around the lake, including public parks. Lake Livingston State Park has good shore fishing, three fishing piers and kayak rentals.

3: Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe, HoustonPin
Courtesy: Katie Haugland Bowen on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Lake Conroe covers 20,000 acres and lies just north of Houston. It can be a great spot for year round bass fishing and is noted for its quality largemouth bass fishing. You can also catch hybrid striped bass at all times of the year.

The best time for targeting largemouth bass tends to be from spring through fall, when they can often be found in shallower areas and around docks. Over winter, they may be found deeper.

Video: How To Catch Bass At Lake Conroe

The lower half of the lake features several docks and there are also submerged structures that have been placed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to attract fish.

4: Lake Houston

Lake Houston TXPin
Courtesy: Edd Prince on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

While the most popular target species at Lake Houston is probably the blue catfish, it can also be a good spot to fish for bass. White bass and largemouth bass can be found in the lake, with white bass being found in the northern section of the lake in the forks during the spring spawning season.

Video: Bass Fishing Action On Lake Houston

There are several places to launch a boat or fish from the shore, both in the northern section for access to the east and west forks, and in the southern portion, where you can fish from the pier in Alexander Deussen Park.

5: Brazos River

Brazos River, TexasPin
Courtesy: Roy Luck on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Brazos River could be considered to be one of the best bass fishing rivers in Texas. Less than an hour’s drive west of Houston you can access the river from Stephen F. Austin State Park and fish from the shore.

You can also access the river about an hour’s drive southwest of Houston at Brazos Bend State Park, which also has a few lakes with accessible fishing piers and can be a good spot for kids to fish. There are several parks and bridges closer to Houston where you can also access the river.

Largemouth bass, white bass and catfish are among the top species to catch in the Brazos River and it can be a good river for launching a kayak or canoe, with several access points along the river, even as far upstream as the Possum Kingdom Lake Dam.

Wrapping Up

There are many places within a short distance of Houston, Texas that can offer great bass fishing. You might even find some hotspots in some of the neighborhood ponds, so these can also be worth checking out.

Tell us about your favorite Houston bass fishing spot and let us know what you think of our favorites. Keep your fellow anglers in the loop by sharing this with them.

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