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Guide To Kayak And Canoe Cup Holders

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Having cup holders on your kayak or canoe can be essential for comfort and convenience when you’re on the water. But sometimes the built-in cup holders are not sufficient or they’re just not in the right place.

Adding your own means you can have your favorite beverage close to hand and exactly where you need it. They’re also useful for storing gear and small tackle in convenient places.

 We’re here to give you some advice about the best kayak cup holders and show you how you can attach your own.

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How To Attach Cup Holders To Your Kayak

What You’ll Need…

  • Gear track system or mounting point on your vessel
  • Cup holder
  • Mounting accessories/adapter for your gear track or mounting point.

What to do…

Now you have the tools, here’s what to do…

Step 1:

Choose the correct mounting hardware for both your cup holder and your gear track system.

Step 2:

Find the perfect spot for your cup holder, preferably somewhere you can easily reach it while you’re sitting in your yak.

Step 3:

Slide the cup holder into the gear track or attach it to your mounting point. Make sure it’s in the right position before you tighten it.

If you’re mounting it to the side of your vessel, such as with a clamp or clip-on holder, simply attach it to the rim of your sit-inside yak or the gunwales of your canoe.

Popular Kayak And Canoe Cup Holders

1: YakAttack MultiMount Cup Holder

YakAttack MultiMount Cup HolderPin

The YakAttack MultiMount cup holder is designed to work with a range of different beverage containers, from stainless steel bottles and water bottles to 12 ounce cans, even with a koozie. Because it’s enclosed at the bottom you can also use it to hold various items and tools that you might want to keep close by for fishing.

This cup holder is compatible with a range of gear tracks, including YakAttack and MightyMount. It slides onto the gear track and then can be twisted until it’s tight when you get in the right position.

Video: MultiMount Demo Video

2: Scotty 311 Drink Holder

Scotty 311 Drink HolderPin

This Scotty cup holder can hold various different containers, including water bottles, cans and coffee mugs. It has a gunnel mount and a rod holder post mount. This means you can mount it directly to your vessel or to a Scotty rod holder mount.

It can also be mounted to gear tracks with separate Scotty gear head track adapters.

3: Accmor Upgrade Edition Cup Holder

Accmor Upgrade Edition Cup HolderPin

This cup holder from Accmor is designed with a clamp attachment that can let you attach it to various objects easily. The clamp attachment means you don’t have to permanently mount it to your yak or canoe and you could remove it easily to use elsewhere if needed.

The clamp rotates 360 degrees, which can allow you to mount it to different parts of your yak and still have an upright cup holder. It’s made from flexible plastic which can help to keep your cup or bottle secure and it can hold coffee cups and water bottles.


Now that you know how easy it can be to add your own cup holders to your canoe or kayak, you should be able to have that added convenience of having your favorite beverage close to hand on your next kayaking trip.

Having a handy cup holder means you can stay out on the water longer and can have a more pleasant paddling adventure. But remember to check whether or not you need additional attachments to mount one to your vessel.

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