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Old Town Next Canoe Review

Mark Armstrong
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​You want to get out paddling, but you can’t decide whether you’d be better with a kayak or a canoe. The Old Town Next canoe could give you the best of both vessels, with its hybrid design and crossover features.

We have looked into its features to check out its pros and cons, so you can get a better idea of who it might suit.

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  • ​Length: 13 foot
  • ​Width: 29 inches
  • ​Depth: 11.5 inches
  • ​​Weight: 59 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 450 pounds

​Next Canoe: Things To Consider…

The Next canoe is a type of hybrid canoe; a cross between a canoe and kayak. This means it can be more versatile, as you’re essentially getting the good features of both vessels.

Being just 13 foot long, this craft is compact and could be more convenient than a longer canoe, particularly when it comes to storage and transportation.

If you’re after a stable craft that’s easy to maneuver but with a large capacity, the Next canoe could be a good choice.

It combines the convenience of a kayak with the storage capacity of a canoe, meaning you could take your dog or head off on a camping trip without having to worry about space on deck.

However, if you’re looking for space for a second paddler, you may be better with a longer traditional canoe, as this one is only designed for a single paddler.

​Top Features Of The Old Town Next Canoe

​The Old Town Next is a 13 foot canoe that’s built with a little more versatility than a traditional one. It’s designed to offer the best of both worlds; canoeing and kayaking in the one craft, and even comes with a removable seat.

​Adjustable Seat

One of the main features of the Next is the Element seat. Not only can it be removed but it can also be adjusted backwards and forwards so you can get better weight distribution on the water.

Unlike traditional canoe seats, this one is designed for comfort, so you can spend longer on the water. It has an adjustable seat back for support and the fabric is breathable and quick-drying.

​Foot Braces

Another handy feature on the Next is the foot braces. The braces can slide back and forth so you can adjust them to suit. These can help you to stabilize your craft while you’re paddling, giving you a feature you wouldn’t usually have on a traditional canoe.

​Versatile Paddling

The 13 foot hull on this craft means it can be a more compact vessel than other canoes, which may make it easier to transport; especially if you’re on your own. It’s also lightweight, at just 59 pounds.

Because of the way it’s designed, with a low profile tumblehome hull, you can paddle it with either a one bladed canoe paddle or a double bladed kayak paddle.

You may also find this vessel easier to maneuver on the water because of its short length. It’s designed for stability, making it ideal for fishing but also tracks well.

​Large Capacity

The Next has a whopping 450 pound capacity, meaning you can load it up with everything you’ll need for a day on the water; or even a few days away. There’s plenty of space for camping gear or fishing gear because of the open hull.

Video: Next Canoe Overview

The three layer hull also means you have more storage space as this eliminates the need for foam bulkheads, as there is a foam layer within the hull to provide additional flotation.

​Ok, Next! What Are The Alternatives?

​Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS

Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS KayakPin

The Mackinaw is a 15 foot 6 inch canoe geared for fishing. It can hold three paddlers and has rod holders, cup holders and a cooler, so could be a good choice for family fishing or camping trips. It also has a small storage compartment and has a square back for a trolling motor.

​Old Town Discovery Sport

Old Town Discovery Sport CanoePin

If you’re after more space and capacity the Discovery could be a good alternative. It’s a fishing canoe with a capacity of 1,650 pounds (which drops to 800 pounds if a motor is attached), and has three seats for family fishing.

​​Old Town Discovery 119

Old Town Discovery 119 CanoePin

The Discovery 119 is a lightweight, 11 foot 9 inch canoe for a single paddler. It has a large weight capacity for extra gear or a dog. Similar to the Next, it can also be paddled with a single or dual bladed paddle.

​Finishing Off

Old Town Next WatercraftPin


  • Compact
  • Spacious
  • Can be paddled with either one or two bladed paddles
  • Comfortable seat
  • High weight capacity


  • Single paddler
  • ​No dry storage
  • ​No fishing features

​If you like the ease of use of a kayak but want the larger deck space of a canoe, the Old Town Next may be what you need. It can give you improved comfort over a traditional canoe while still maintaining the storage capacity of one. It can be ideal for camping or fishing and has a comfortable seat for all day paddling.

You can check it out here for yourself. And if you think this may help some of your followers, share it with them. Don’t forget to leave us a comment to let us know what you think.

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3 thoughts on “Old Town Next Canoe Review”

  1. The next canoe has a flaw in the seat attachment. The seat can become detached and fall to the floor easily. A work around is easily done, using a tie down strap, but by now, Old Town should have fixed this flaw.
    Other than this surprise of ending up on the hill of the boat, this is an execellent alternative to a SOT kayak.

    • John – what was the fix you used for your NEXT? I’m experiencing the exact issue you reference. The rear of the seat slips out of the bracket and falls into the canoe.

      • I used a 1” strap, like the king used to fasten your boat to the car top or rack and ran it between the back rails. It keeps the rails from bowing out and dropping it to the floor. Cinch it up tight and check it at the start of the season for taughtness. Old Town should have fixed this issue as it’s been mentioned by others years ago. But I love my canoe. Anyway.


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