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Pelican Spirit 100 Kayak Review

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The Pelican Spirit 100 is a discontinued kayak.

However, you may find one for sale on online auction sites or in local outfitters. It is a lightweight sit-inside kayak that’s made for recreational paddling.

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  • Length: 10 foot
  • Width: 28 inches
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 275 pounds

This is a budget kayak that is aimed at beginners. It has a stable hull, with a spacious cockpit for a less-confined feel.

It is a versatile little boat that can be at home on lakes, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal waters.

But this is not a feature-packed kayak. If you’re expecting a high-performance boat built for speed and comfort, this is not the kayak for you. This is an entry-level kayak with basic features and a high level of durability. 

What To Consider Before Buying A Pelican Spirit 100

The Pelican Spirit 100 is a budget-friendly recreational kayak designed for beginners and intermediate paddlers. This is a sit-inside kayak with a large cockpit that can be easy to get in and out of compared to narrower touring kayaks.

With increased stability on flatwater, this can be an ideal starter kayak if you want to develop your skills in a sit-inside boat. The sit-inside design means you have a little extra protection from the elements, so you stay drier than you would in a sit-on-top kayak.

This is a durable kayak that’s made to withstand accidental impacts as well as being dragged along the ground (although this is not recommended).

The short hull can be easy to maneuver in small bodies of water, such as rivers. This can make it easier to paddle, especially for beginners.

It’s not built for speed or choppy conditions. It also has minimal storage space, so it’s not the best kayak for a long trip. But it can be ideal for short day trips and exploring your local waterways.

The Big Features Of The Pelican Spirit 100

Sit-Inside Cockpit

One of the main features of this kayak is the large cockpit. This spacious design means it can be easy to get in and out of if you’re new to sit-inside kayaks.

As well as feeling less confined, and having more room to move around, you may also have space for your small dog to join you.

For comfort, you’ll find an Ergoform seat, which consists of a padded backrest and a seat cushion. It’s not the best seat, especially if you plan to spend hours paddling, but you could easily buy extra padding or upgrade the seat.

Video: Kayak Seats Alternatives For Pelican Kayaks

With the cockpit being large, you may struggle to get a spray skirt to fit. The width of the kayak and size of the cockpit also means it’s not built for rolling. So if you want to practice your kayak rolls, you might want to opt for a different kayak.

There are no knee or thigh braces in the cockpit, which may affect your comfort levels.

Storage Options

For a recreational sit-inside kayak, the storage space is pretty good. There’s a small Quick-Lock hatch at the bow. And there’s a relatively large rear cargo deck with bungees to keep your gear safely tied to the boat.

The Pelican Spirit 100 has sufficient space for a casual paddling trip if you want to take a small picnic with you or a change of clothes. You might want to put your gear in a dry bag or two since the hatch is not completely watertight. And the storage deck at the stern is not covered.

If you want to take more gear for an extended trip longer than a day, you might struggle to find space.

Easy To Maneuver

The Pelican Spirit 100 is designed to be easy to maneuver both on and off the water. It has a relatively compact hull that can be easier to turn in narrow rivers and small lakes.

It’s also very lightweight, which makes it easy for beginners and smaller paddlers to handle. It can be easy to carry to and from the water and can be lifted easily onto a car roof rack.

Performance On The Water

This kayak is built for stability on flatwater, with a twin-arched multi-chine hull. It has a high degree of initial or primary stability, so it can feel comfortable and steady on calm lakes, bays, and slow-moving rivers.

It might not feel so stable in rough conditions, as it is not designed to handle moving water.

It’s not the widest recreational kayak, which can make it easier for smaller paddlers to handle, with less reach on either side. It also has decent tracking for a small kayak, so it’s easier to paddle in a straight line.

Others agree that this is a fantastic kayak for relaxing flatwater trips.

Pelican Spirit 100 Alternatives

Advanced Elements AE1012-R AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable KayakPin

This Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame kayak can be a good alternative if you’re looking for something that’s more portable and easier to store at home. This is a 10.5-foot inflatable kayak that can be ideal for beginners and more experienced paddlers.

This has a stable hull, with aluminum ribs in the frame to increase rigidity and improve tracking. It’s designed to perform like a hard-shell kayak.

The storage space is limited to deck rigging in front of the cockpit. This kayak is also more expensive than the Spirit 100.

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  • Inflatable sit-inside kayak
  • Stable
  • Aluminum rib frame


  • Pricey

Pelican Brume 100XP

Pelican Brume 100XP in Lava/White colorPin

The Pelican Brume 100XP is a sit-inside kayak that’s similar to the Spirit 100. So it could be a great alternative if you’re looking for a brand new kayak. This one has a few extra features but it’s likely to cost a little more than a Spirit 100.

Being the same dimensions as the Spirit, this affordable kayak offers excellent stability for recreational paddlers. It has a large cockpit, designed for easy entry.

The ErgoLounge seat features a padded backrest, which is adjustable. You’ll also find knee pads.

This also comes with a paddle.


  • Similar design to the Spirit 100
  • Knee pads
  • Paddle included


  • More expensive

Lifetime Kenai Angler

Lifetime Kenai Angler Kayak with PaddlePin

The Lifetime Kenai Angler can be a good alternative if you’d prefer a sit-on-top kayak. This budget kayak has an open deck. This can be easier to get in and out of than a sit-inside kayak, especially for beginners.

There’s a center hatch to give you access to the inside of the hull.

There’s also a large rear tank well and a small storage area with bungees at the bow. You’ll find two flush-mount rod holders behind the seat, so it’s a great kayak for a short fishing trip. It also comes with a paddle.

The padded seat is not great for long trips.


  • Budget kayak
  • Sit-on-top
  • Fishing rod holders


  • Not very comfortable

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Pelican Spirit 100 FAQs

Is It Durable?

Yes, it’s made from RAM-X material. This is resistant to impacts, abrasions and has a UV coating.

Is The Spirit Good For Beginners?

Yes, it’s stable and easy to paddle, with a large cockpit.

Can You Add A Spray Skirt To The Spirit 100?

The large cockpit rim is not made to be compatible with most spray skirts.

Does The Spirit Have Fishing Rod Holders?

No, there are no fishing rod holders on this kayak.

Conclusion: Is The Pelican Spirit 100 Any Good?

Pelican Spirit 100 KayakPin


  • Ideal starter kayak
  • Stable
  • Great for lakes and slow-moving rivers
  • Lightweight


  • Not built for speed
  • Basic features

The Spirit 100 can be a great little kayak if you can find one. Its twin-arch hull makes it ideal for exploring flatwater. It’s stable enough for beginners and has a large enough cockpit for easy entry.

However, it might not be the best choice if you’re looking for a comfortable kayak with all the bells and whistles. This is a budget kayak that’s not built for high performance but can be an ideal first kayak.

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