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Vibe Kayaks Review

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​Affordable kayaks can sometimes be difficult to judge, as there are many out there. But some brands can often be better than others.

We have put together this Vibe Kayaks review to help you decide if they’re any good and which ones might be worth your money.

​The History Of Vibe Kayaks

Vibe Kayaks started back in 2013 and was founded by Joshua Thomas and John Ewald. The brand’s focus is creating and developing kayaks that have usable features but an affordable price tag, so that more people can enjoy paddling.

The brand offers a range of kayaks to suit a variety of paddlers, from beginners to more experienced kayakers, with most of their yaks having built-in rod holders for fishing.

Many of their kayaks come with seats and even paddles included, which can make it useful for beginners looking for an entry level craft.

​The 4 Best Vibe Kayaks Available To Buy Today

​1: Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 (fishing)

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 2019Pin
  • ​Length: 9 foot
  • ​Width: 32 inches
  • ​Weight: 42 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

The Vibe Skipjack 90 is a compact recreational fishing kayak that’s built for stability and ease of use. It comes complete with a paddle and a padded seat back.

​This Kayak Is Aimed At

The Skipjack is designed for convenience. It has a short, wide hull which is built for improved stability. This can make it a good option if you’re a beginner. Its compact size can also make it ideal for transporting in the back of your truck or for easier storage at home.

This yak can be used for recreational paddling as well as fishing. There’s also a 12 foot tandem version, the 120T which can be useful for family trips.

​Top Features Of The Skipjack 90

​Stable Hull

This yak is built for stability. Its short, wide hull can make it ideal for beginners, as well as if you’re looking for a stable fishing vessel for rivers and ponds or even oceans.

​Go Fishing

There are four flush mounted rod holders on this little craft and plenty of space for the rest of your gear. It has a 300 pound capacity and there’s room for your crate or cooler in the rear tank well. You can also store gear in the storage area at the bow, which has bungees so you can tie it down.

For smaller items and tackle, there’s a center hatch with a waterproof insert to help keep your gear dry.


The Skipjack is a lightweight, compact boat weighing just 42 pounds. This means it can be easier to lift and carry it to and from the water on your own. The molded carry handles at the bow, stern and sides can make this even easier.


The seat consists of a padded seat cushion and a separate ergonomic padded back rest. This can help to keep the boat lightweight but can give you comfort and support if you’re spending a few hours on the water.

​2: Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 (fishing)

  • ​Length: 13 foot​​​
  • ​Width: 33 inches
  • ​Weight: 75 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 550 pounds

The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is a 13 foot fishing kayak that’s designed for a range of water conditions. It comes with a Vibe Hero seat and a pre-installed rudder system.

​This Kayak Is Aimed At

The Sea Ghost is built for fishing. It is designed to offer a combination of stability and speed and can be ideal for rivers, lakes and open water. It could also be a good craft if you’re looking to cover long distances.

At 13 feet, it’s not particularly compact but there is a 110 version which is 2 foot shorter and benefits from similar features.

​Top Features Of The Sea Ghost 130


A useful feature of the Sea Ghost is the rudder. This can help with tracking and maneuvering in moving water, such as a river or ocean. The rudder is toe controlled, so you can keep your hands on your paddle or fishing rod.

​Video: Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130

All Day Fishing

The Hero seat is designed to offer all day comfort, whether you’re paddling a long distance or enjoying an extended fishing trip. The Sea Ghost also has enough room and capacity for you to take all your fishing gear with you.

There’s a large rear cargo deck with bungees for a crate or cooler. There’s also a large bow hatch with a waterproof insert, as well as an 8 inch hatch behind the seat.

You’ll also find gear tracks for mounting additional accessories and two flush mounted rod holders. For easier mounting of your fish finder there’s a transducer port with mounting points and lid.

​3: Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100 (sit-on-top)

  • ​Length: 10 foot
  • ​Width: 32 inches
  • ​Weight: 57 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 375 pounds

The Vibe Yellowfin 100 is a 10 foot single sit-on-top kayak that’s ideal for fishing and recreational paddling. It comes with a Hero seat and a paddle.

​This Kayak Is Aimed At

It’s a compact craft with built-in fishing features and comes with a paddle, so you can take to the water right away. This could make it more suitable for beginners, whether you want to fish or explore. It could also be a good choice if you’re looking for a lightweight vessel that might be easier to transport and store.

It might not be ideal if you’re looking for a speedy craft for long distance paddling, as this one is built for stability.

Other versions of this yak include the 120 (a 12 foot craft with more space and capacity) and the 130T (a 13 foot tandem kayak).

​Top Features Of The Yellowfin 100


Being just 10 foot long, this can be a convenient size for transporting in the back of a truck. It’s also lightweight for a fishing kayak, making it easier to take from A to B. The short, wide hull is built for stability, which can be useful if you’re fishing and could be reassuring if you’re a beginner.

The compact size can also mean it’s easy to maneuver on the water compared to longer vessels, so you might find it easier to navigate in smaller bodies of water.

​Ready To Fish

The Yellowfin features four flush mounted rod holders, plus two gear tracks to let you mount additional rod holders or gadgets. You’ll also find a rectangular base mount and two tackle tray holders.

The seat is a Hero seat, which is mesh covered for breathability and features support for long days on the water. It also lets you sit a little more elevated in the kayak so you can have a better vantage point for sight fishing.

​Cargo Deck

Despite its compact size, it has a lot of room to store your gear. There’s a cargo deck at the stern, with bungee rigging to let you tie down your gear. There are also two 8 inch storage hatches with inserts so you can keep smaller items safe.

There is also a Yellowfin 120 angler (12 ft) version.

​4: Vibe Kayaks Maverick 120 (hybrid angler)

Vibe Kayaks Maverick 120Pin
  • ​Length: 12 foot
  • ​Width: 33.5 inches
  • ​Weight: 72 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 475 pounds

The Vibe Maverick 120 is a hybrid kayak combining the benefits of both a kayak and a paddle board. It comes with a choice of Hero Seat or Larry Chair and includes tie-down straps to secure the seat.

​This Kayak Is Aimed At

If you’re looking for a low profile craft that’s stable and can get you close to the fish then this could be an ideal option. It is designed to offer a spacious platform for fishing and makes use of the entire deck, with non-slip padding and places to store your gear and install a seat.

If you’re looking for more of a traditional kayak or boat style of vessel, this may not be the right craft.

​Top Features Of The Maverick 120

​Open Deck

One of the main features is the open deck. This is where you’ll find it’s similar to a paddle board. The entire deck is open so you can make use of the entire length and width of the vessel for standing or storing gear.

The deck is covered in a non-slip padding so that you have improved traction across the kayak.

​Gear Storage

Unlike many paddle boards, the Maverick benefits from having some kayak features. These include built-in gear tracks to allow you to mount your own accessories, such as rod holders or a fish finder.

As well as this, the bow and stern both have bungee rigging so that you can secure dry bags or additional gear. There are also two bungee paddle holders.


Another important feature of the Maverick is its stability. It is made using a combination of pressure-injected foam and rotomolded polyethylene. It is designed to offer increased stability and buoyancy and is built for both standing and sitting.

The molded-in grooves on the hull are designed to improve tracking and help with speed.

​Final Words

With a range of kayaks to suit various paddlers, you could find that Vibe Kayaks can offer you a craft to meet your needs. If you’re a beginner after a compact, stable craft so you can get on the water straight away, something like the Skipjack 90 could be perfect.

Even if you’re a more experienced paddler, you could find the performance you’re after in one of Vibe’s longer vessels.

What are your thoughts on these Vibe yaks? Let us know if you’ve got one and remember to share this if you found it helpful.

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