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Wachusett Reservoir, Massachusetts Fishing Guide

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With the Wachusett Reservoir being the second largest freshwater lake in Massachusetts, you’re probably wondering what the fishing is like there?

Being around a 20 minute drive north of Worcester, MA and just an hour west of Boston, it could offer convenience as well as fun. If you’re thinking about fishing at Wachusett Reservoir, this short guide should help you make the most of your next trip.

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Guide To Fishing At Wachusett Reservoir

Why Go Fishing At Wachusett Reservoir?

The Wachusett Reservoir contains 65 billion gallons of water that is used to supply freshwater to the Boston metro area. Because of this, there are certain restrictions in place, with one being that no boats are allowed on the reservoir. This includes kayaks and canoes.

If you want to fish from a canoe or kayak you can access the Waushacum Ponds to the north of the reservoir near Sterling Junction.

Kayaking in Massachusetts

But there are several areas where you can fish in the reservoir from the shore, including Thomas Basin at West Boylston, Scar Hill Bluffs and a number of gates providing other access points around the lake. You are only allowed to fish in designated areas so be sure to stick to the guidelines.

Wachusett Reservoir has a wide variety of fish, with the most popular catches often being smallmouth bass and lake trout. As well as these species you can find Atlantic salmon, both rainbow and brown trout, largemouth and white bass, and both white and yellow perch.

The reservoir has only been the location of a number of state record catches, including the largest lake trout and the largest smallmouth bass in Massachusetts. So it could prove to be a lucrative spot to fish.

Best Time Of The Year To Go

Fishing is only allowed at the reservoir during fishing season, which runs from the first Saturday in April until the end of November. However, this is only if there is no ice.

Early in the season could be a good time to catch trout, usually around the time when the fishing season begins.

Remember that you will need to have a Massachusetts fishing license before you fish in the reservoir. A license is required by everyone who is 15 years and older who attempts to fish.

When Does The Reservoir Open And Close?

The Wachusett Reservoir is open daily from sunrise to sunset. There are several locations around the reservoir where you can park your car near the access gates. There are also hiking and biking trails in the area.

It is not possible to fish outside of the fishing season. It might be worth nothing that the area around the reservoir does not allow dogs, so it’s not recommended that to take your dog with you.

Finishing Up

Wachusett Reservoir, Massachusetts can be a lucrative fishing spot and a great place to catch trout, bass and salmon. While it is limited to shore fishing only, there are many locations around the reservoir where you can set up for the day.

Remember to have your fishing license with you and it can be a good idea to check in advance to make sure the fishing season has started and that there’s no ice.

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