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Werner Camano Paddle Review

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The Werner Camano paddle is designed to offer premium touring performance and comes in a wide variety of lengths to suit a range of paddlers.

The Camano is a two-piece paddle with a straight carbon blend shaft and fiberglass blades.

However, there are a selection of other versions, including Camano paddles that come in four-piece designs, as well as ones with bent shafts, and ones with carbon blades.

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  • Length: 205 to 260 cm
  • Weight: 26.75 ounces
  • Pieces: 2

What To Consider Before Buying A Camano Paddle

Werner Camano paddles are generally aimed at intermediate to experienced paddlers because they tend to be designed for high performance paddling and touring.

This means they may not be the best choice if you’re a beginner, as they can be expensive and you might not be able to maximize its potential.

The medium size blades have a dihedral shape and are designed to offer smooth efficient paddling over long distances. The paddle can be more beneficial for low angled paddling because of the blade shape, allowing you to get maximum power even with a more relaxed stroke.

Camano Hooked

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There are two versions of the Hooked paddle. One is a two-piece paddle with an adjustable shaft and the other is a two-piece straight shaft.

Both are designed for kayak fishing, with a smooth shaft that is designed to minimize the chance of line or tackle getting caught in your paddle.

Camano Carbon

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There are various versions of the Camano carbon. All feature carbon shafts and carbon blades, with the two-piece straight shaft version (above) weighing just 25 ounces.

There are also a two-piece bent shaft version, a four-piece straight shaft and an adjustable shaft version.

Camano Adjustable

Similar to the main Camano paddle, the adjustable shaft version can be ideal if you use different kayaks that are perhaps different widths, as you can adjust the length of the shaft easily to suit various boats or even different paddlers.

Camano 4-Piece

The Camano 4-Piece is similar in features to the main product but comes apart in four pieces.

This can be ideal for traveling, as it can be easier to transport. It can also be useful as a spare, as it can be easier to store on your vessel.

Camano 2-Piece Bent Shaft

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The bent shaft version is similar to the main Werner Camano two-piece paddle but benefits from having a bent shaft that can allow for better wrist placement for some experienced paddlers.

Top Features Of The Werner Camano


One of the main features of the Werner Camano is that it is lightweight and weighs under 27 ounces.

It is made out of carbon and fiberglass to minimize excess weight. This means that it can be more comfortable to hold if you’re on the water for a long time, which can also help to reduce fatigue.

Efficient Paddling

The Camano features award winning blades that are designed to optimize low angle strokes, which is often used for more relaxed paddling.

The dihedral asymmetric shape and medium size of the blades can improve power on the forward strokes, as well as reduce flutter, meaning less effort and more efficiency.

This can be particularly useful for touring on flatwater, as it can allow you to cover more water with less effort.


The Camano is a premium paddle that is built to be durable, with a strong, rigid carbon blend shaft and fiberglass blades that are designed to be abrasion and impact resistant.

Video: Werner Paddles Camano Premium Touring Paddle

Smart View Ferrules

The Camano features a Smart View Adjustable Ferrule System. This can give you the feel of a one-piece paddle while allowing you to adjust the feathering angles in 15 degree increments with the push of a button.

The adjustment system is also designed to be low profile, meaning less snagging.

Want another opinion? Check out some of these other paddlers who have used the Camano.

Camano Alternatives

Wilderness Systems Alpha Angler

Wilderness Systems Alpha AnglerPin

The Alpha Angler can be ideal if you’re looking for a lightweight fishing paddle.

It’s a little more expensive than the Camano but benefits from having carbon fiber composite blades and a carbon shaft.

It also has an adjustable shaft and a built-in tape measure on the shaft to measure your catch.

Aqua Bound Tango

Aqua Bound TangoPin

The Aqua Bound Tango is a two-piece paddle that’s in a similar price range as the Camano. It weighs just 26 ounces and has a straight carbon shaft and fiberglass blades.

It’s built for low angle paddling and the feather angles can be adjusted easily.

Carlisle Magic Plus

The Carlisle Magic Plus could be a good alternative if you’re on a tighter budget.

This two-piece paddle features a fiberglass shaft and reinforced polypropylene blades. It’s lightweight and designed for efficient paddling over long distances.

In Conclusion

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  • Lightweight
  • Wide range of lengths
  • Impact resistant


  • Can be expensive
  • Not ideal for high angle strokes

The Werner Camano paddle can be the ideal touring paddle if you’re looking for something that’s lightweight and durable. It can be a great choice for flatwater paddling, especially if you prefer a low angle stroke, as it can help you cover more water with less effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Or Length Of Paddle Should I Get?
This will usually depend on your height and the width or size of your kayak. Adjustable paddles could be a good choice if you paddle different boats or want to share your paddle with another person.

What Is The Camano Made Out Of?
It features a carbon blend shaft and fiberglass blades.

Does The Paddle Float?
Yes, most kayak paddles are designed to float.

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