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What Are The Best Color Plastic Worms For Bass

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Plastic worms are of course very popular types of lures for bass, often because of their versatility and year round usability.

Thing is, they come in a wide range of colors. Like, a kaleidoscope  of colors…

And knowing what colors to choose for the conditions you’re fishing can be tricky….Well, not any longer!

Simple Lure Color Chart For Bass
Color of Bass Lure TablePin

To help you learn a little more about plastic worm colors for bass we thought we’d knock up this article, so the next time you’re bass fishing, choosing the right color should be simpler.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

There are no hard, fast rules here. Bring an array of colored lures, so you have the freedom to chop and change.

Best Worms Colors – Bass Love These!


When To Use

Black worms can be a versatile option for bass. This color can be ideal for all types of water, whether it’s clear or dirty. However, black plastic worms may work best if the water is a little murky or if during cloudy weather.

Zoom Magnum II Worm

Zoom Magnum II WormPin

This black Zoom Magnum II worm can be a good choice of lure for fishing in a variety of conditions and features a tail for added movement.

It also features a salt mixture built into the lure which is designed to make bass hold it for longer, giving you time to set the hook.

Video: How To Pick The Right Color Plastic Worm For Bass

Green Pumpkin

When To Use

Green pumpkin colored worms can be another versatile option because it tends to be a more natural color.

It can work well in both clear water and murky water but may work better in clear water on a cloudy day.

Zoom Trick Worm

Zoom Bait Trick - Green Pumpkin

The Zoom Trick Worm in green pumpkin color comes in a pack of 20 and features a salt component built into the lure.

It is a floating worm lure that can be rigged in a variety of ways, including wacky rigs, and can be useful for drop shot rigs.

June Bug

When To Use

June Bug lures can be an ideal choice to use on sunny days, and when the water isn’t very clear. Having said that, it can also perform pretty well in clear water. 

The purple color has a shimmer that can help to reflect light and attract attention from bass.

Yamamoto Senko Bait

Yamamoto Senko Bait

The Yamamoto Senko worm comes in June Bug and features emerald colored flakes to add light reflection which could help attract bass.

It can be rigged in a variety of ways and is designed to have a natural movement when in the water.


When To Use

Watermelon worms can be an ideal option for fishing in clear water because this color tends to look more natural under the water, which can be more appealing to bass.

It can be useful to use on sunny days.

Zoom Bait Brush Hog

Zoom Bait Brush HogPin

This Zoom Bait Brush Hog combines the features of a worm with a craw and lizard to create a hybrid plastic worm that can be rigged just like a regular worm bait.

It comes in a range of watermelon colors, each with different colored flakes to add extra elements of shimmer for light reflection.

Bama Bug

When To Use

Bama bug can be a versatile option to use when it comes to plastic worms because it features two colors, combining a june bug color with green pumpkin.

Because there are two colors in one, this can make it ideal for both clear and dirty water, and could be useful in both sunny and cloudy conditions.

The Bama Bug lure is a great all-rounder​​

Yum Dinger Worm

Yum Dinger WormPin

The Yum Dinger worm in bama bug is a durable soft plastic bait that is designed to create life-like movement when it’s under the water. It can be a good choice for a range of conditions and can suit a range of different rigs.

Baby Bass

When To Use

Baby bass can give off a more natural appearance, with light green hues.

This can mean it might be a good option for bass fishing in clear water and particularly on sunny days, as the natural colors can better imitate the prey that bass will tend to be looking for.

Berkley Powerbait MaxScent

Berkley Powerbait MaxScentPin

The Berkley Powerbait in baby bass can be a good choice for finesse presentations. It is designed to fall slowly and with a realistic movement.

This soft plastic lure also features a scented mixture in its material that is designed to give off scent to attract bass as it moves through the water.

Finishing Off

When you’re choosing the best color for plastic worms it can be a good idea to consider the type and clarity of the water where you plan to fish, as well as the weather.

While you may find that more natural colors work in clear water, it can be a good idea to have a range of colors with you, as sometimes your success can vary depending on the particular body of water.

Do you have a go-to color that you use for bass? Let us know down below. And remember to help out your fellow anglers by sharing this with them.

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  1. I find black grape works in any situation in any body of water anytime of year I catch fish on these zoom mag black grape worms I’m in Louisiana


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