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NuCanoe Pursuit Fishing Kayak Review

Mark Armstrong
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If you’re looking for a fishing kayak with all the bells and whistles, the NuCanoe Pursuit fishing kayak might just be the one for you. But what sets it apart from the rest and is it worth it?

We’ve taken a look at its main features to see how it fares and if it might be able to offer you everything you need on your next fishing trip.

  • Length: 13 foot 5 inches
  • Width: 35 inches
  • Weight: 82 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

Why A Fishing Kayak Over $1000?

The NuCanoe Pursuit is built for serious anglers. It comes with plenty of extras that you may not always find on some of the less expensive fishing kayaks.

It’s designed to be stable and easy to paddle whether you’re on your local lake, bay, river or even open water. It has a large capacity to allow you to load up all your fishing gear for a day trip, as well as a spacious deck for you to store it all.

If you’re looking for a casual recreational vessel for occasional fishing, this is probably not it. It might be a little on the pricey side for occasional anglers and has lots of features that are dedicated for fishing, which recreational paddlers may not need.

If you plan to transport this yak on your own, you may need a trolley or a fishing buddy, as it’s not particularly lightweight. But it can be ideal if you like to spend most of your free time on the water fishing, as it has plenty of gear tracks for you rig it to create your perfect fishing craft.

NuCanoe Pursuit Big Features

The NuCanoe Pursuit is a sit-on-top yak designed primarily for fishing and hunting. It’s built for stability and performance and comes complete with a seat.

Elevated Seating

One of the main features for comfort on the Pursuit is the Custom Height 360 Pinnacle seat. This seat allows you to adjust the height to suit your fishing style, as well as give you a better vantage point for sight fishing.

It can also swivel 360 degrees, making getting in and out easier and giving you better access to your gear.

Accessory Tracks

The Pursuit features plenty of gear tracks to let you mount all the accessories and gadgets that you should need, even for an extended fishing trip.

There are two 14 inch tracks on either side of the bow, two 54 inch tracks along either side of the deck and two 18 inch tracks at either side of the stern. This means you should have plenty of options when it comes to deciding on the best place to mount a particular accessory.

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Fishing Gear Storage

With the huge 500 pound weight capacity, taking all the gear you’ll need for a day on the water should be no problem at all. At the rear there’s a large storage area to hold a crate or cooler.

There’s also a second area towards the bow of the yak that can hold another cooler or crate. At the bow there’s a covered gear vault that comes with an insert so that your smaller items don’t get lost within the hull.

In addition to this there are flush mounted rod holders, horizontal rod storage, a small hatch and paddle holders.


This is a stable yak designed for paddling in a range of conditions, including narrow rivers and open water.

The deck is built to allow you to stand up for better casting and sight fishing. Also, if you choose to purchase a motor in the future, the back of the yak is square to make it easier for you to mount it.

Video: Standing On A NuCanoe Pursuit

Pursuit Not For You? Other Choices…

Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 120

Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 120Pin

The A.T.A.K is a 12 foot 3 inch fishing yak that’s in roughly the same price range as the Pursuit. It’s a stable yak with room for standing and features plenty of features to make your fishing trip more comfortable, including front, center and rear gear tracks. 

FeelFree Lure 13.5

The Lure is the same length as the Pursuit. It’s also an inch wider and 13 pounds heavier. But it’s built for stability in a range of conditions and features good storage, a comfortable seat and a handy standing platform. It also benefits from a Wheel in the Keel for easier transportation.

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Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130Pin

The Sea Ghost could be a good, less expensive alternative. This 75 pound, 13 foot yak has lots of fishing features, including rod holders, storage hatches, gear tracks and a toe controlled rudder. It also benefits from good storage options and comes with a comfortable seat and a paddle, so could be ideal for beginners.

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In Conclusion


  • Stable
  • Lots of gear tracks
  • High capacity
  • Flat deck


  • Not cheap
  • On the heavy side

The Nucanoe Pursuit can be a great fishing kayak, with plenty of features to help add comfort and convenience to your fishing trip. It’s ready for adding your gear and accessories and has the stability for standing.

If you think this might be the craft for you, check it out here. And if you’ve found this review helpful, share it with your friends. Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts on this yak.

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