Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl Inflatable Kayak Review

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Purchasing a kayak will often require you to think hard about where and how you will store it or transport it. But with an inflatable one, you might find that those issues almost disappear.

The Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl inflatable kayak can be ideal if you’re looking for a convenient craft that will let you enjoy the water without the hassle. But is an inflatable yak all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out, as we look over the features and check out its durability.

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl Inflatable Kayak
  • ​Length: 12 foot 10 inches
  • ​Width: 28 inches
  • Weight: 33.5 pounds
  • ​Weight capacity: 500 pounds

Before You Buy A Razorlite Inflatable Kayak

​Inflatable kayaks are designed to be portable and convenient. The fact that they’re inflatable means you can simply deflate them to store them or transport them. Many of them can even be folded up into a backpack, which means you can pack it easily into the trunk of your car or take it on vacation. Plus, they’re often significantly lighter than a traditional yak.

An inflatable vessel allows you to continue to enjoy the water even if you have to use public transportation or if you live in a small apartment.

However, if you plan to paddle regularly, a hard shell kayak might be better, as you won’t have to spend time inflating and deflating. You will also have to consider the time it might take to dry the yak before you deflate it and pack it away.

While inflatable vessels may not offer the speed of hard shell models, the Razorlite 393rl is designed to maximize speed and efficiency over the water, with a longer and narrower hull than many inflatable recreational vessels.

Top Features Of The Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl

​The Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl is a single sit-on-top inflatable kayak designed to let you get out on the water no matter where you travel. It comes with a paddle, a padded seat, a backpack, a pump and a repair kit, so you can be ready to hit the water as soon as it arrives at your door.

This can be a great craft if you plan to travel with it, as it can simply be packed into the included backpack and checked as baggage on a plane. Or if you want to explore more remote lakes and rivers, simply wear the yak on your back and hike to your paddling location.


​Probably the best feature of an inflatable vessel is that it’s super portable and can inflate to 10 psi in as little as 7 minutes. You could essentially travel the world and take this yak with you. The included paddle also breaks down into four parts.

The size of the craft when it’s deflated is just 22 by 22 by 12 inches, which can easily fit in a closet at home, meaning you don’t need to splash out on yak storage or invest in a trailer or roof rack to get to and from the water.

Another great feature of this craft is that it’s so lightweight - just 33.5 pounds - making it a great option if you’re on your own and might struggle lifting a heavier traditional yak.


Inflatable vessels tend not to be as speedy on the water as rigid ones, but this Razorlite one is designed to be more efficient on the water than many of the inflatables on the market. One feature that helps to boost its performance is the rigid bow and stern, with a concave design, so you can cut through the water more easily than you would with just the flat hull.

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl - Setting Up & Paddling

​The longer length and narrow width of the hull also helps its hydrodynamics but because of this you might find it less stable than some shorter or wider yaks.

It also comes with a removable rear skeg, which can help with tracking when you’re paddling in currents or windy conditions.


You might think that being inflatable that this yak is maybe not going to be as durable as a hard plastic one. But actually, its inflatable nature can mean that it can take a lot more knocks and bumps than a hard yak, as it can essentially bounce off of obstacles. However, even if you do happen to puncture it, you can simply patch it up with the repair kit.

This Razorlite 393rl is made from 1000 denier fabric with reinforced seams and Drop Stitch technology material, helping to keep it tough and durable.

On Deck

​While you might not have the same storage options on board this yak compared to a rigid one, there’s still plenty of space to load up your gear. Plus, it has a huge 500 pound capacity, so you can potentially load up enough gear for a few days away.

Because there are no storage hatches, you might find that it’s easier to store your gear. But you might want to think about securing it to the hull to stop it from falling out. Although there is no dry storage on deck, there are spray skirts for the bow and stern, so you can keep some items covered.

Razorlite Alternatives

Sea Eagle 300x

Sea Eagle 300x Kayak

If you fancy yourself more of a daredevil and want a more stable craft to hit the rapids, the Sea Eagle 300x could be a better option. It’s 9 foot 10 inches long and 39 inches wide and it’s designed for up to Class IV rapids.

Because it’s built for stability and durability, and the hull is shorter, it’s not going to have as much storage space and it has a lower capacity of 395 pounds. But it can be used on a variety of waters and can be rigged for fishing.

​Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

If you’re after versatility, then this one might just make the cut. It’s 15 feet long, 32 inches wide and folds up into a duffle bag. There are plenty of options for attaching and storing gear and it can hold up to 550 pounds.

The main feature of this one is that is can be converted from both a single and tandem sit-on-top to either a single or tandem sit-inside, which means you could get more out of it. However, you do have to purchase the conversion decks separately. 

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak - Best Tandem kayak

This Coleman Colorado yak is designed for fishing so has a few extra features compared to the Razorlite. It’s 10 foot 9 inches long and 39 inches wide and has a capacity of 470 pounds. It comes with two seats, so you can head out on the water with a friend for double the fishing.

It comes with attached rod holders and mesh storage pockets, as well as paddle holders. It also has the rigging to attach a trolling motor. It doesn’t come with paddles or a pump but it is around half the price of the Razorlite 393rl.

> Our take on the Coleman Colorado

Finishing Off

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl Inflatable Kayak


  • Lightweight
  • ​Folds up
  • ​Easy to carry and store
  • ​Durable


  • Not built for choppy conditions
  • ​Might take a while to completely dry out

If you’re short on space in your home or don’t have any way to transport a traditional kayak, that shouldn’t stop you from getting one. An inflatable yak can be the ideal vessel and the Razorlite 393rl could be a great option if you’re after a single sit-on-top that you can pretty much take anywhere.

It can be a good vessel for flat, calm water and can give you the freedom to explore rivers and lakes that you might not otherwise be able to get to.

If you like the idea of being able to paddle anywhere at a moment’s notice, then this Sea Eagle craft could be the one for you. But why not check it out here for yourself.

And, of course,  if you have any questions or comments, please let us know, and feel free to share this review with your fellow adventurers.

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