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Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks And Boats Review

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Sea Eagle inflatable boats are designed for convenience and can be ideal if you don’t have much space at home to store a traditional boat. Because they’re inflatable they can be easily transported in the trunk or back seat of your car and you don’t need to worry about a roof rack or a trailer.

They are also much lighter than their hardshell equivalents, meaning they can be much easier to carry and take to and from the water, which can be especially useful if you’re on your own or would struggle with a traditional boat.

Best Sea Eagle Kayaks & Boats

Here’s the cream of the crop…

Sea Eagle SE370 (best inflatable kayak)

The SE370 is a lightweight, durable inflatable kayak that can be ideal for one or two paddlers. It also has the capacity for a third person or a dog. It’s built to be easy to transport and easy to maneuver while you’re on the water. It can also be inflated and set up easily.

Video: How To Inflate And Use The Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks

It features spray covers at the bow and stern which can be ideal for keeping some of your gear covered. You can also tie gear on top of the spray decks and secure it using the bow and stern deck lines.

This 12 foot 6 inch tandem yak can be great for camping trips and paddling on both flatwater and up to Class III rapids.

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Sea Eagle SE330 (best tandem kayak)

The Sea Eagle SE330 is the shorter version of the SE370. This 11 foot tandem kayak can be a great option if you’re looking for something a little more compact while on the water. It can be ideal for two small adults or if you’re paddling with a child or a dog.

It has a generous 500 pound capacity so you can still load it up with camping gear for a few nights away. It can also be paddled solo, giving you even more room for gear.

The SE330 is rated for up to Class III rapids but can also be good for flatwater paddling, with two rear skegs that can boost tracking performance on flatwater.

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Sea Eagle 380X (best all-rounder)

The Sea Eagle 380X can be a great kayak if you’re looking for a versatile vessel that can handle a wide range of conditions, such as oceans, rivers and flatwater. This tandem yak can be paddled by either one or two people and there’s even room for a third passenger, such as a child or dog.

This lightweight inflatable boat can handle both flatwater and up to Class IV rapids, and benefits from a removable skeg that can help with tracking on flatwater. It can be ideal for camping trips and recreational paddling. There is also the option of adding a motor or a sail.

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Sea Eagle TC16 (best canoe)

The TC16 is a 16 foot inflatable canoe that can be packed down to fit inside the trunk of your car, making it a lot more portable than a traditional canoe of the same length. It’s lightweight and designed to be easy to paddle for one, two or even three paddlers.

It features drop stitch construction for a more rigid feel, which can improve speed and general performance. There’s also plenty of space for overnight gear if you want to load it up for a camping trip.

With a combination of primary and secondary stability, this canoe can handle a range of waters, including up to Class IV whitewater.

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Sea Eagle Razorlite 393RL (best kayak for speed)

The Razorlite 393RL is an inflatable solo kayak with all-over drop stitch technology. This means the craft has a more rigid frame when inflated, similar to an inflatable paddleboard, resulting in increased speed over the water and more efficient paddling.

Video: Sea Eagle RazorLite™

It features plastic molds at the bow and stern that help the boat cut through water. It also benefits from drop stitch tapered side walls to add chine and deliver added secondary stability.

Measuring 12 foot 9 inches long and just 28 inches wide, this vessel can be a great choice for experienced paddlers looking for a portable, lightweight kayak that can be carried in a backpack.

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Sea Eagle 385FT (FastTrack)

The 385FT FastTrack is a tandem yak that can hold up to three people. It can be ideal for one or two adults plus a child or dog. It comes in a variety of packages aimed at a range of activities, including sailing and fishing. It can also be used with a motor (sold separately or with the relevant package).

The craft features a rigid inflatable keel for increased paddling performance and speed, helping to cut through waves and windy conditions. The removable skeg can help with tracking in wind and current and the drop stitch floor helps to provide rigidity.

This is a lightweight, portable boat that can be best suited to flatwater conditions but is rated for up to Class II rapids.

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Sea Eagle SE9 (best fishing boat)

The SE9 is a compact, lightweight inflatable boat that is designed to hold up to four people, making it a great choice for family paddling adventures or fishing trips. It’s a versatile vessel that can handle both electric and gas motors, with the motor mount and motors being included with some of the packages.

This boat can be more convenient to set up than a traditional fishing boat, as it can be carried in the trunk of your car and inflated in around 15 minutes at the water’s edge. It has a high weight capacity, letting you load it up with fishing gear for a full day on the water.

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Sea Eagle 285FPB

The 285FPB is a Frameless Pontoon Boat that is built as a convenient fishing boat for solo fishing trips. It’s lightweight, stable and easy to use, with a capacity of 450 pounds so you can bring along everything you need.

It has a raised floor which helps to limit the amount of resistance the boat has with the water, meaning faster speeds. You can also choose to attach a motor to the back, with some of the packages including motor mounts and motors.

There are two universal Scotty mounts included with the 285FPB so you can easily mount accessories. Most of the packages also include a swivel seat so that you can improve your visibility and fish more easily in any direction.

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Sea Eagle FoldCat 375FC

The Sea Eagle FoldCat 375FC is a stable pontoon boat that features aluminum cross boards that provide a rigid platform for standing and casting. The 375FC is designed for up to two people and comes with rod holders and 360 degree swivel seats in the standard package, with various upgrades available in other packages.

This lightweight boat is also designed to handle a motor, up to 3 horsepower gas or 70 pound thrust electric, with a motor mount included in all packages. The FoldCat can be set up quickly and easily by one or two people and can be ideal for fishing in lakes and bays.

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History Of Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle began making inflatable boats back in 1968. It’s a family owned and run company based in New York.

The very first product that Sea Eagle made was a tandem inflatable kayak but since then they have widened their range to include various inflatable boats, canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards. There are boats that can be best suited to particular activities and there are some that are built for versatility.  

These inflatable vessels are designed to be portable, convenient to transport and store, and simple to use. They are also built for durability and buoyancy, with many of their products being rated for whitewater use, as well as flatwater. Sea Eagle boats have also been used in expeditions around the world.

Most Sea Eagle boats come in packages, with each package designed to suit a different type of paddler. All of the packages include basic accessories, such as a paddle, pump, repair kit and carry bag.

Sea Eagle Comparison Chart

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Last Words: Are Sea Eagle Boats Any Good?

Sea Eagle inflatable boats can be great if you’re looking for convenience, as there’s a wide range of vessels to suit different needs. If you’re looking for a good all-round boat, the SE370 can be ideal. It has a generous capacity, room for up to three people and can be a useful camping kayak.

A good runner-up kayak is 385FT FastTrack because of its speed and tracking performance on flatwater. However, if a wider boat is more your thing, the SE9 might be more suitable. The SE9 can be great if you’re looking for versatility, as it can be ideal for fishing, exploring or camping, with room for up to four adults.

Let us know what you think of these inflatable boats and remember to share this if you think it could help out others.

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