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Sea Eagle TC16 Inflatable Canoe Review

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The Sea Eagle TC16 is a 16 foot inflatable canoe that’s designed to hold up to three paddlers, making it a great choice for families. It comes in several packages to suit individual requirements, with features such as paddles, seats and a pump.

  • Length: 16 foot
  • Width: 38 inches
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 915 pounds

This durable, lightweight canoe can be ideal for family adventures, with the capacity to hold two adults and two smaller children, although the packages only offer a maximum of three seats. It’s crafted for convenience so that you can load it into your trunk and travel to your favorite paddling locations.

Before You Buy A TC16 Canoe

The Sea Eagle TC16 can be a great boat for getting out on the water easily. It’s a lightweight, portable canoe that can be transported in the trunk of a small car. This means it can also be much more convenient to store at home compared to a traditional canoe, making it ideal if you live in a smaller home or condo.

The canoe has a high weight capacity which can make it a good option for camping or family trips. It’s designed to hold three seats for three paddlers but can also be paddled solo. A smaller fourth person or a dog can also join you if they don’t mind not having a built-in seat.

The TC16 comes in a range of packages to suit your specific needs. There are Basic packages that include either wood/web seats or inflatable seats. The Start Up packages include paddles as well as seats and there are further packages that include electric pumps and third paddler accessories. All the packages come with a hand pump, repair kit and a carry bag.

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Main Features Of The Sea Eagle TC16

Versatile Paddling

A great feature of the Sea Eagle TC16 is its versatility. It can be paddled in a range of different waters, making it a great boat if you’re looking to explore a variety of locations.

It can be paddled on both flatwater and up to Class IV rapids, so can be ideal for river trips. The bow and stern feature plastic molds that help to create a rigid angle to cut through the water for improved speed and paddling efficiency in wind and current.

There is also a skeg that can help with tracking in current or wind when paddling in open water. The skeg can be easily removed for paddling in whitewater.

The boat also has a high level of buoyancy thanks to its inflatable chambers which can help with its performance in rapids.

The TC16 also benefits from having a flat bottom hull for improved primary stability on flatwater. The added chines where the sides meet the bottom and from the angle of the sides mean there is the advantage of secondary stability which can be helpful when paddling in rougher waters.

Camping Trips

This inflatable canoe can be a great craft for camping trips. With a generous 915 pound capacity, it can be loaded with gear for a few nights or a week away, depending on how many of you are sharing the canoe.

There is storage space at the bow and stern, where there are also small spray skirts that can help to shield some of your gear from splashes. You can also store gear in the center of the canoe if you don’t have a third or fourth passenger.

The canoe can be paddled solo, giving you increased space and capacity for a larger amount of gear.

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Durable Hull

This inflatable canoe features drop-stitch construction, similar to a paddle board, with three air chambers for added safety. This means its sides and floor have a flat, rigid surface, which can create more space on deck as well as improved speed and efficiency over the water.

The drop-stitch construction can also mean increased strength and durability. The floor also has anti-slip EVA foam deck padding, which can provide an extra layer of durability and make it easier for dogs and people to stand on.

Travel Friendly

The compact size of the TC16 when deflated means it can be a perfect traveling companion. It can be loaded into the trunk of your car (even small cars) and can be ideal for taking on larger boats or in your RV.

It can be transported inside its own carry bag and measures 40 by 14 by 16 inches when packed.

It also features two side carry handles if you want to carry it yourself and there are handles on the bow and stern spray skirts to make it easier for two people to carry.

The TC16 inflatable canoe can be ideal for running whitewater, just like these guys did:

Just make sure you secure your gear before you set off.

TC16 Alternatives

Aire Traveler Inflatable Canoe

The Aire Traveler is a 15 foot 1 inch inflatable canoe with a capacity of 800 pounds. It can be deflated and rolled into a manageable size for storage and transportation. It comes with two movable and removable bench-style seats but can also be paddled solo.

It features an AIREcell internal bladder system combined with a tough PVC exterior for added strength and puncture resistance. There are several D-rings for securing your gear and it can be paddled on moderate whitewater.

Old Town Discovery 158 Canoe

If you think you’d prefer a traditional rigid canoe, the Old Town Discovery 158 could be a good alternative. It’s a similar length but has a higher capacity of 1150 pounds, making it ideal for family trips or long camping excursions. This stable polyethylene canoe weighs 87 pounds and comes with two webbed bench seats.

Sevylor Ogden 2 Person Canoe

Sevylor Ogden 2 Person CanoePin

The Sevylor Ogden is an inflatable canoe that comes with a pump, two seats and two paddles. It’s a compact 10 foot 3 inch craft with a lower capacity of 355 pounds.

It has bungee rigging on the bow and stern spray skirts and could be an affordable option if you’re looking for a lightweight craft for a solo paddler or two smaller paddlers and light gear.

In Conclusion


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Fits in the trunk of a small car
  • Rated for up to Class IV rapids
  • High weight capacity


  • Standard seats may not be comfortable for very long journeys

The Sea Eagle TC16 inflatable canoe can be a great boat if portability is important to you. It can be easily transported in the back of a small car and can be easier to store at home, giving you the opportunity to enjoy canoeing even if you don’t have much storage space.

If you think this could be an ideal canoe for you and your family to get on the water then check it out here. What do you think of it? Leave us a comment. Maybe your friends could use this boat? Share this with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The TC16 Easy To Set Up?

It can be set up in about 10 minutes once you get the hang of it. It takes roughly 8 minutes to inflate and then a couple of minutes to install the seats.

Can I Take My Dog With Me?

Yes, this can be a suitable vessel for having your dog join you. It’s durable and has non-slip deck padding to make it easier for their paws.

Am I Better Off Getting An Inflatable Kayak?

An inflatable kayak can be more suitable if you’re looking to fish or if you’re looking for a more compact craft. But this canoe can be better if you’re looking for a stable vessel that can handle a variety of water conditions and have enough space on board for your family or lots of gear.

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